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Washed Sharp Sand (25kg)

    5-7 Days
  • Description

Bag design may be different from picture.

Suitable for horticultural use such as adding to composts
or digging in clay soil to help break down & drain.

Up to 50 bags of this product can be packed onto one pallet 


Perlite (100 Litres)

    5-7 Days
  • Description

A natural, expanded volcanic rock that has many uses,
including aerating, conditioning and retaining warmth to the soil.


Vermiculite (100 Litres)

    5-7 Days
  • Description

A natural mineral for water retention.
When it is mixed in compost, it absorbs and slowly releases fertiliser bases creating air porosity.

It can also be used for covering seeds in seed trays to encourage germination.


Rock Salt Premium

    5-7 Days
  • Description
Premium Quality Rock Salt

Ideal for ice and snow clearing. as used in supermarkets etc.

Help to create a non slip surface in wintry conditions.