Goods will be delivered by the Palletways Haulage Network 

We currently need to get prices from Palletways as the prices are constantly changing therefore we cannot put the delivery prices on our website.
Please choose PLEASE QUOTE FOR HAULAGE under SHIPPING CHOICE so that we can get in touch by email or telephone so that we can give you an up to date price for haulage.  Although you enter your card details when ordering, we do not take payment until the Final Price is agreed with the customer.

 The delivery charge is normally £60+ depending on area..

Please note:


60 bags of our 40 litre or large pack products onto one pallet.
All Bark  = 40 bags per pallet
Irish Briquettes : 84 Bales per pallet

If your order is more for than one pallet then we will add the additional rate per additional pallet to your order and will contact you by email or telephone before taking payment. All prices quoted for delivery are for one pallet delivered to your curbside.

The goods will be delivered as close as possible to your property curbside. It is at the Haulage Firms discretion as to whether they can get your goods onto your driveway.  If you have a small gateway for instance then it may be beneficial to arrange for some additional help to move goods as soon as possible if there is nowhere to leave the pallet safely. 

Thank you.